Dec 9, 2006
I am a customer of which uses cpanel for its offerings. I have a Unix pro plan which allows multiple sub-accounts and parked domains. There is a GNU Mailman installation, with new mailing lists created through the cPanel "mail" interface. Mailing lists can be added for any sub-account or parked domain (which is goos). But the mailman installation has the following critical problem:

THE PROBLEM: the general contact address on doesn't work for two reasons:

Problem #1: it is rendered as [email protected], when I gather it is more standard as [email protected]. When the page is reached (manually) with (ie without the "mail" subdomain in the URL), then the address is rendered as [email protected]. So clearly it uses the URL to determine the address, but it apparently needs some regex to strip out the "mail." subdomain when it appears, so that only one form of standard contact address is rendered.

Problem #2: the server-wide installation pre-empts all mailman@ addresses, and therefore [email protected] never reaches the domain email. Mail sent to [email protected] is returned from (the server name) with the message to the effect that the sender does not have rights to post to the mailing list. I am told from [email protected] that this is a configuration error that pre-empts all mail sent to mailman@ addresses on the server. does not provide me with access to the configuration files for either sendmail, cpanel, or mailman, so I cannot fix these problems myself.

So the question: Does anyone here recognize this problem, and can anyone offer a specific solution that I could pass on to the technical support?


- Henrik
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