going nuts: do i need to create a self-signed cert? domain smtp ssl/tls send from PC


Apr 9, 2009
Hi, I run linux and use msmpt and mutt. Currently I'm just using msmtp from commandline (without mutt) to try to be successful sending email via port 465. I have a single CPANEL mail domain with a bunch of addon domains that have their own email.

I stopped using my WHM as I like the addon domains way of working.
And anyways I don't find the service area in the WHM that people talk about. Yet, a moot point as I'm goping to get this working with just my main domain CPANEL and also with the addon domains there.

Right, OUTLOOK EXPRESS running in a virtualbox XP machine sends fine through port 465. It does the auth, tells me that the cert is not known of something and I OK that and all's good.

I've tried to create a key and then a cert and then copied the plaintext to a file I named, put it in /etc/ssl /certs of whatever it is and then changed my .msmtprc to have tls_certcheck point to it.
I've also turn off the requirement for the cert in the msmtprc andno matter how I try it just hangs and does nothing.

PLEASE what's the big tip!?!

I want to use self-signed cert if one is even needed to sent through my cpanel main domain AND the addon domains email accts via smtp port 465.

really gone long on this one. several day over several months so I'll be way way happy when it works! :)))
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