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Aug 1, 2019
Overland Park, KS
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I’m trying to share a database between two domains. I have two sites, let’s call them siteA and siteB. Each site has it’s own cpanel account (siteA_user and siteB_user) and each site has it’s own database (siteA_db and siteB_db) which reside on the same server.

siteA is an interactive site that allows the users to enter and maintain orders. We are now developing siteB to be a management overview tool of siteA (and other sites but we will retrieve data via apis as they are on different servers). I am trying to setup access to siteA_db for siteB_user so data can be retrieved for use in creating activity statistics.

My dilemma is how can I grant siteB_user access to siteA_db so data retrieval can be accomplished using a query (select * from siteA_db.table where criteria). I saw an old thread “Can a domain communicate with database on another account?” and I was following the steps in the Details section as I though it better to have WHM setup things than to try to edit files.

It looks like I’m using WHM version 76.0.22 (as stated on the top of the page). I select SQL Services->Database Map Tools. From the displayed list of accounts I select siteB and click the Select button. I then entered siteB_db,siteA_db in the Database names field and clicked the Submit button. At this point I am getting a message display indicating siteA_db already has an owner and siteB_user does not have permission to select on siteA_db.

How can I setup an account to access multiple database while leaving the existing accounts un-effected. These are just two of the accounts on this server as we have several others but I am only interested in these two.

Henry Carter

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Jul 31, 2019
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Hi Dave,

In order to achieve this we have an option as root user to map the DB of other site DB user using the below commandline "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON dbTest.* To 'user'@'hostname' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';" But I believe this will make conflict while running the site assignend with the DB user(siteA_user) of the other site database(siteB_db). Ofcourse while using "WHM >> Home >> SQL Services >> Database Map Tool" will show error "Already owned by other user".