Jan 20, 2005
I was wondering whether there was a guide avaialbe for the COMPLETE newbie like myself? I have looked at the ones available and they don't seem very complete at all. I bascically do not know where to start with my server!

My initial aims are to create a 'master' account, where my main domain is hosted, where my main website is hosted, and i also want to create another account, with domain names and everything but don't know where to start. I also want to try logging into this second account to see what it is like from my clients perspective. My client has pointed his domain at the ev1servers, where my server is, so what do i do now to create an account and get this domain corresponding to this account?

I know this is all very simple stuff, but to me (as it was to most of you lot once i am guessing ;)), it's pretty mind boggling!

Any help or links to great tutorials would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks alot!