Dec 27, 2019
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Hi I kind of just starting to run my website, and I need some help understanding every aspect, does anyone recommend me any web, youtube channel that doesnt use Wordpress or Websitebuilder, but instead uses php or other programming language such as python. Also I want to know how to add Google captcha, do I have to do something before with google, like registering with them or something like that?


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Feb 13, 2019
Houston TX
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Hello FrLearner!

In regards to programming a site from scratch, we do not offer any guides or documentation. As I am sure you are aware, the only documentation we have relates specifically to the cPanel & WHM software or key issues in server management. Our documentation can be found at We also have some very helpful video tutorials that can be found at

As you are aware, most users are going to use a SiteBuilder, at least at first. However, there are many sites that do offer services and tutorials to help you learn PHP or other coding languages. Some of which are free, and I may not be able to link them here but I am certain you can find PHP, HTML, or Python courses. You may also find this page helpful:

I do hope that if any other users have some helpful suggestions!