Guides on "how to fix things"?


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Jul 14, 2003
Howdy one and all!

Ok, so I had some trouble with email domain forwarding. I tried searching and searching and even posted a couple of times but didn't come up with anything. Eventually, I discovered that creating an "email domain forwarder" puts it in /etc/vdomainaliases/... so then I grepped /etc/ for "vdomainaliases" to see what was using it. Nothing! *sigh*

So I figured it had to be an exim thing and so I started searching for "exim.conf" issues. Eventually I discovered a neat little tool: /scripts/buildeximconf which actually fixed the issue!

I started to rejoice and then thought:

"Wait! What _other_ wonderful and quick fixes are there and how would I find out about them?" Am I just dense? Are there manuals, or how-tos or other document sources that help with "how to fix things" in cPanel/WHM? In particular, there are all sorts of scripts in the /scripts/ directory. What do they all do? When would I want to use them? When should I _not_ run one of them? See what I mean... so many questions...

So without opening too big a can of worms... are there any guides for /scripts/ and/or "how to fix things" in cPanel/WHM?

Thanks all!

-Danimal :cool:


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Oct 18, 2003
I'm right there with you. All sorts of good (and not so good) things in /scripts.
I tried to stay on top of it for a while but gave up from lack of time.