Hard disk death: recovery successful, but how do I import recovered data into cpanel?


Jan 14, 2004
I think my machine was rooted, or something similar, because I had a major HD data loss (looked like rm -rf /). I know that most people say if someone rm -rf / on an ext3 partition that everything is loss and you are fucked, but I had done ext3 recovery using proprietary windows tools before, and so I know this just ain't so.

So I spent all last night recovering the data, and it worked (can ya believe it?). I have all my clients' most recent data (/home/ and its 290 or so subdirectories), I recovered the /usr, /bin/, /root, and /var directories as well.

The directory that seems unrecoverable, that I can't find anywhere, is a nasty one: /etc. So this means I have lost my actual passwd file, groups file, etc.

The other SNAFU is that though these recovery tools work, they only output to NTFS, which mean I inherently lose all the security/permissions information on these fles.

Nonetheless, I have all the data, and mine was a pretty simple web server (apache, mod_php, and for one client, tomcat). So I decided the best approach (well, only approach) was to install a fresh Fedora Core 2 onto an HD, and somehow "import" the data.

Is there any way for me to do this "import" of data? That is, given that I have a user's /home/username directory, including the hidden directories cpanel creates, is there a way to just "import" that directory into cpanel?

I also think I have the cpanel administrative data recovered, I guess in /usr/local/cpanel or the like. everything under /usr was recovered, as was everything under /var (thank god, mysql runs off var).

Basically, I'm looking for easy ways for me to get this server back up and running tonight, given that I have (1) all the data, (2) a fresh FC2 install and (3) a fresh cpanel install.



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Jun 15, 2002
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Yup, I've followed the original on EV1 and that worked well - just be very careful about the SSH issue mentioned in both threads and the information Haze has given you.