Harddrive Failing - CPanel Mirroring


Aug 20, 2005
I am getting smart errors on my IDE 40gig drive in our server. The server has a SCSI Raid array for storage, however the IDE 40gig drive is for booting and the cpanel and linux system files. This is the only CPanel server in our network.

From the e-mails sent to me by CPanel at midnight, I know the drive is failing and I believe it is the logic controller on the board from various diagnostics I have done. Badblocks in linux shows there are currently no bad clusters on the IDE drive.

I have an identical server with identical hardware sitting collecting dust in the rack (not powered on). What is the easieset way for me to mirror linux, cpanel, and hosted files across to the other server. (both servers do not have cd-rom drives or floppy drives as they are 1U rack mount).




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Jun 15, 2002
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Probably simplest to use a disk copying utility in a separate server/PC and duplicate the drive contents. In unix, dd should do the job. If you're more familiar with Windows, then using tools such as Ghost will do it.