Has anyone used cPanel/WHM with squid/other proxy as http accelerator?


Jun 28, 2005
This is a general configuration question.

I run a server that I manage solely via shell/webmin that utilizes squid as an http accelerator. This setup has worked very well for me and I'm interested in possibly utilizing it for a few of my clients that have cpanel/whm servers.

For those not familiar with it basically the setup is that squid runs as a web cache in front of apache and serves requests that are common or repeated while apache runs only on localhost and is only queried when data is requested that is not in the squid cache. This greatly reduces the load on apache and helps immensely on high traffic sites.

I'm interested to know if this kind of setup can work with WHM/cPanel and if anyone has gotten it working before. Or would this kind of setup be too incompatible with assumptions made in WHM/cpanel software to work well?