Having problem redirecting domain using WHM and CPanel


Feb 7, 2007
Hi all,

First of all I'm not an expert in Linux field. I'm having problem redirecting domain from goDaddy to one of my domain accounts.

Currently i have a hosting dedicated linux server from godaddy and it's using WHM/Cpanel.

Initially, during the setup I do not have any actual domain to point to it, so i resolve using the given dedicated ip.

WHM by default gave me these,

hostname : ip-xxx-xxx-xxx-xx.ip.somesvr.net
namesvr1 : ns1.somesvr.net
namesvr2 : ns2.somesvr.net

I left these by default and went on with the setup.

Now, followed the instruction as in the book, to create an account with the domain called xxxxxxxxx.com and the account was created successfully. FTP

was setup and uploaded an index.html. Content appear in when i used ip.

Then, problem starts when, I try to go to godaddy and repoint the domain www.xxxxxxxxx.com to the default namesvr1 and namesvr2.

Although, I know there's some 48 hours of propagation timing, but when I try to ping the domain, some how it returns some different ip instead of my dedicated ip. I was wondering whether this will correctly reflect to my hosted website.


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Mar 19, 2004
the setup sounds fairly correct.

at godaddy, are you using dns to point to your server's account? All you really need to do for a domain is set the nameservers to ns1/ns2.somesvr.net, and you should be set.