Having problem setting up webdisk

Old biker

Mar 24, 2009
I have a customer who wants to use "webdisk" to store shared files for employees of his company. We try to set up webdisk on a directory in the public_html directory. We realize we will need to password protect that directory. The problem is that webdisk always opens in the home directory, giving employees access to all files on the web. Maybe I'm wrong but isn't this supposed to open only the directory specified for the webdisk? I'm following the instructions pretty carefully and even found other, more detailed, instructions on the web but still end up with the same problem. I'm thinking the webdisk install program in cpanel is not working correctly but I'm not positive how it's supposed to work or it could be that I'm making a mistake.

If I set webdisk using "public_html/files" shouldn't it connect directly to that directory?

If so, does this problem sound like a problem with the program or could I be doing something wrong?