Having trouble installing an SSL certificate.

Gordon Rankin

Sep 28, 2012
London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
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I have purchased an SSL certificate from 123-reg and am trying to install it in Cpanel WHM but everytime I install it, apache fails to restart showing an SSL error: Cannot read SSL cert from file

The Email I received from 123 reg contains an intermediate certificate and an actual certificate. As per the instructions I am doing the following:

In Cpanel WHM I go to Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain
I Paste the certicate from the email into the certificate box, add the key (which I already have from when I generated the CSR) and I add the Intermediate key into the CA Bundle box.
Now, Cpanel doesn't seem to correctly take the formatting directly from the email and shows an error on both certificates. The last line appears to have an extra line break, which when removed cPanel is then able to read correctly. It detects the cert as Globalsign etc and all appears to install correctly.

But then as soon as I try to restart apache, SSL errors are thrown up, beginning with cannot read cert file

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 17, 2013
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Have you placed full Certificate while installing SSL through WHM with : -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- : line TO -----END CERTIFICATE----- line

Please check this and try to re-install SSL because mostly this issues is occur when we place incomplete CERTIFICATE while installing SSL


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Please check the permissions of the CRT/Key files on your server. They are stored in:

They could also be uploaded to the following location if installed through the cPanel interface:

Certificates should be at 0644 permissions, and key files should be at 0640 permissions.

Thank you.