Having trouble with basic actions


Oct 10, 2008
Hi there, noob questions I know but the GUI is totally different to something else I have been using.

I am having several issues. Firstly I cant goto my domain control panel (e.g. domain.com/cpanel) instead I can only use the IP address provided in my original email.

Secondly. I am trying to upload to my public viewable site. I am unable to find this folder, the only folder I have available (even when I click all options is "home" which isn't publically viewable). Every folder I have in my file manager option leads back to this "home" folder. There is no "mail" x, y, & z folder as shown in the video tutorial.

Is there a master reset button that I can press, or is this going to need a bit more to it?

Many thanks



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May 20, 2003
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Your host can better assist you with this. If your domain does not work, you'll need to make sure you've setup the DNS for it properly.

I take it you're looking at your file system via cPanel's File Manager, if yes, click the "plus sign" beside the top plus sign beside the link on left menu that's called: (/home/yourusername) now scroll down to find the public_html directory. This is where your files will go.

Not sure you need a reset button as much as a few important tips from your provider to get you going.