Having two different Cpanel servers in two different Datacenters.


Feb 8, 2013
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Hello all!

I have a server currently that I have loaded Cpanel onto, the user load is getting much larger and I am getting complaints of load average being higher than it should be (optimized the server numerous times to try to fix the issue obviously the server is just at its capacity) I have found a decent deal on another server but its on the other side of the country in Maine. Now could I be able to assign nameservers to the DNS only box I have to route accounts to that cpanel box? Example would be I have cp1.hostname.com and cp2.hostname.com as my current DNS for the first cpanel box. could I not add 2 more NS records to point to the new Cpanel server in Maine using ex: cp3.hostname.com and cp4.hostname.com?

I wanted to puchase out another server from the current location I do business with. but they are now charging an arm and a leg for server space and I cannot pay their service tag price.

Thank you again!