Oct 10, 2006
A friend of mine mentioned this forum to me, and said that I should check it out. Seeing it as an opportunity for me to learn more and at the same time, introduce my product, i registered and now, im doing my first post. :)

Firstly, im an aquarian, and I am a lover of pink. Hence, the name. :)

Furthermore, Im a newbie freelancer, started only about 2 months ago. So far, so good. Working from home and having control of my work hours is great. Have no regrets so far about quitting my day job.

Right now, my main work is data research and content writing. The company I work for is involved in coding, designing, etc. And they also sell products online, including Flash Game Script. This is a dynamic script designed to make an arcade site owner's life easier than most and to generate profit as well. During my free time, I also started promoting online products from my company as their Affiliate. Feel free to check out the site above. I am sure I will be posting more about it here in the near future as I become more familiar with the rules and people of this forum.

So, there. That's me, pink.aquarian. Have a great day everyone, and thanks for reading my first ever post. :)