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Jul 15, 2011
as the title suggests, I am new here and have little experience with WHM/cPanel but, on the other side, I have huge problems with setting it up so;
  • our mail-servers run the best security level
  • spam is actually filtered as spam and the way I want it to be filtered
  • not-spam is actually delivered into the inbox and not filtered out and send (anywhere?) without me even getting a chance to get to see it.
  • bad folks are really getting blocked
  • and so much more - most regarding to email
I have searched and read the internet and I'm getting very tired reading miles (more than forest Gump ever ran) on blogs, social network and forum posts and still not getting answers (or answers that have nothing to do with the question). People seem to be so lonely these days that they spend their life on talking their lungs out on the internet, but actually have very little to say which could be of any relevance.

So I really hope, coming to "the source" here at cPanel, this will not be repeated and I actually find some answers.

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Oct 2, 2010
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Hello hearth,

First of all, you would likely want to enable SpamAssassin for filtering spam messages where you have WHM > Tweak Settings for these set to On:

Enable BoxTrapper spam trap

Enable SpamAssassin spam filter

Enable SpamAssassin Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam (user configurable)
As for bad folks being blocked, you might consider CSF and LFD for a firewall and brute force protection:

ConfigServer Security & Firewall

Since the questions were so broad, it's a bit difficult to be more specific. Please feel free to narrow down exactly what you need if the above is not sufficient to point you in the right direction.