Hello i have always used plesk in the past but i face a problem with cpanel


Jul 15, 2020
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when i tried to transfert with the transfert tools a lots of site is failling because the name are either too long or do not meet the username criteria

i search over the web and not able to transfert the account because it do not find them on the source server since the name is cut by cpanel

like couvreur-longueuil.ca

on the source server with plesk the username is couvreur-longueuil

but on the cpanel one it do not allow me more than that couvreur-longueu

and when changing in the field for the good one it do not work its telling me that it do not meet the username criteria


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Nov 14, 2017
cPanel has a long standing username character limit of 16 characters https://features.cpanel.net/topic/remove-arbitrary-username-length-limit was the original Feature Request to have this modified from 8 characters. In order to move that account you'd have to shorten the username. cPanel handles usernames differently from what I remember. In cPanel you rely on the username for the account identification, the Linux user and the MySQL account
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