Hello, I think I messed up my cpanel, need help.


Apr 3, 2014
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This is my 1st time to open a cpanel really, after purchasing my hosting and domain, start viewing tutorial about how to use the cpanel and set up a wordpress. I found a good tutorial in youtube and starting to use hes technique in setting up wordpress not knowing theres is an easy option but its too late.

When I start uploading the wordpress file via FTP, then suddenly my PC shut and the middle of the uploading, after Im not sure but I decided to delete the wordpress files that are in the remote public_html, then I think theres some folder I deleted that not supposed to be delete Im not sure though.

Then I saw another tutorial the easy way via Fantastico and it was easy installation, after finishing install already input the user and pass, it says Congratulation or something like that... I think its successful 3/3

But when I click the wp-admin Its not directing to the wordpress but in OpenDNS there is a message "You tried to visit but its not loading."

What should I do?? Please help, Is there a Reset Button or Restore Default in cPanel?

I also tried to remove the wordpress then install again, but the problem is just the same. :(
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Could you elaborate on what specific directories you removed? For instance, did you delete directories outside of public_html?

Thank you.