Tycoon Networkz

Aug 2, 2004

Ok I am having a Number of probelms, and I am hoping I can get them all fixed by all your guys help. Ok here it goes, I have an client accounts that can not load Cpanel, E-mail will not work, Accounts will not Unsuspend, Server Loads Going way to high.

Now I have Updated Apache, Cpanel/Whm, Exim4, server software, server hardware, system backup stuff. Nothing seems to be working, I have never had these many issue's, also almost all the server people are having very slow ftp uploads, E-mail problems, cpanel problems, and so much moe.

Can someone please please help me to find out why this is happening and how can this be fixed, for good and if it happens again what to do.

I have Tried unsuspending the clients accounts, did not work at all even tried through ssh, still did not work, I mean it did say unsuspended but when i look in the suspended list his account is still there.

I don't think I have ever ever post here or had these many problems most of the time I can fix them no questions asked, I am very good with cpanel/whm/linux/ssh/ server admin and so many other things, But I a not sure what to do at all about these problems.

So I ask again if you can help me, Please reply and give me full detailed info, As I will need it badily. We have over 700 hosting accounts, so those that can not get to cpanel are getting really mad at me and everyone else in the company, so again I need this fixed A>S>A>P :confused: :confused: