[HELP] Could not fetch uid or gid for : root?


Jul 4, 2008
This might be a newb question but its really doing my head in.

Been trying to get this working for a good couple of hours now though still no success.

Im trying to login to cpanel using my root credentials (the same ones im using for WHM).

The reason is is because I am trying to manage this server using WHMCS from another server thats located remotely.

I have set it up using the remote access key as I have done before on 2 previous servers, however...when creating an account im getting CURL errors, saying it cannot find the hostname...even though im using the IP...and im sure its the correct IP too.

When trying to login as root in cpanel im getting:

Internal Server Error
Could not fetch uid or gid for : root

Though if I create another account it works fine.

Can someone let me know what im doing wrong...I feel I might just not be thinking about it in the right way.

Im used to just sitting down at a terminal see, not all this cPanel/WHM/WHMCS stuff...its confusing me I think.

Cheers, Karl