Aug 23, 2006
I have a webpage (adult)
the site is up and running with no bugs except one

How do i put in a username and password protect script for multiple username and passwords
im trying to get it figured out for the billing company purposes so customers can log into the members page
and im a lost newbie .
I got every thing done to this point but have hit a wall
any advice would be great thanks


Aug 25, 2006
Unfortunately, as of the way mentioned above ^^, this is not a automated process and will have to be done manually everytime a user registers which can be a HUGE SETBACK if you have alot of people registering or don't have alot of free time available. You will need a way for users to tell you to create a new username and password (maybe by e-mail...). There are php scripts that can do this automatically (that's right! No manual work required!), however, I do not know of any available useable ones as of right now, and am not willing to make any as I don't have enough time. Good luck with your site.