Help installing skins [moved]



Help installing skins

I have a IPB 1.3 final board, and I would like to install a new skin that I downloaded from the internet. I have the .tar file, but when I go to put it in the site (using an FTP client) I can't find the archive_in folder where I am supposed to put it in. All that there is, is a cgi-bin folder, which is empty. The site is I am putting to connect with in my ftp client. It connects properly. Any help is appreciated!


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Aug 29, 2004
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Firstly this is the cPanel forum, if you require help with 3rd party software/scripts you would need to use there support forums.

For invision power board i reccomend

Secondly once connected to your site via ftp double click on the /public_html/ folder which will then open to display the contents.

you should then see a folder titled "forum" open that (double click) and you should see the folder your looking for, i.e: /archive_in/

Upload your skin archive (tar/rar/zip) into that folder.

Hope that helps.