Help me to setup DNS cluster..


Feb 14, 2009

I have some question about DNS clustering..
I have 2 Server, one old (with the data of my site) and the other is New.. both with Cpanel/WHM. I want it to be clustered.. so If One server is down my site will still online..

What is DNS Cluster?

What will happen if I setup a DNS cluster?
Will It copy/sync the data, from the old to the New, or just the "DNS"? or Should I copy the data manually? If I modify the site(php)/database(mysql) should I sync it again manually?

Where should I install Cpanel DNS only? on the old one, the new, or both, or on the third server (server "only" for Cpanel DNS Only)?
When should I setup it?

Please give me step by step to setup it..

currently I set the NS:
host: (old):

host: (new):