help me with Zend Optimizer Not installed page

Alim Sabree

Nov 21, 2011
Trenton, New Jersey, United States
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I set up a WampServer an im using Dreamweaver to edit site, but when i try to edit the Index.php page the Zend Optimizer Not installed page pops up,,,i downloaded Zend OP, and Zend Gaurd an also i added the lines in the php.ini file,,,but the Zend Optimizer Not installed page pops up ... Is there some type of decrypt key or file i need for this to work


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Oct 2, 2010
somewhere over the rainbow
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What is a WampServer specifically? That doesn't sound like cPanel with Linux but Windows based instead such as Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows : WampServer details. If that is the case, then you've made it to the wrong forum, since cPanel + Linux or FreeBSD are what we support.