help moving nameservers from one cPanel to another


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Sep 4, 2001
I have an old cPanel server (WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-S38) that hosts several dozen zones besides regular accounts. Not all are cPanel accounts on the server.

I have received an email notice that "[cPanel smartcheck] Possible Hard Drive Failure Soon ". I want to immediately move my zones to another server running WHM 11.28.83.

I have no clustering set up at this time.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the easiest quickest way to move the function from the one to the other?

Thanks in Advance!


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Oct 2, 2010
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The best way to do this would be to move the sites first, then shut down the old box and move the IPs to the new box. If you have both machines in the same datacenter and inform them that you'll be moving the IPs over, you should be able to do that. By moving the IPs to the new machine, you won't have to change any records at all, you simply have to ensure the old machine is down before you put the IPs onto the new machine and restart the network on it to have them switch over to that new machine. This is the fastest way without propagation to facilitate changing nameservers.

If you cannot do that, then here are the steps you'd want to take:

1. Move the sites to the new machine without yet modifying the DNS in any way
2. Check the sites are working on the temporary url (http://IP#/~username)
3. Re-register the nameservers with the new IP at your domain registrar
4. Change the A record IPs for the nameservers on the new cPanel machine to those new IPs
5. Wait for the domains to propagate to the new location

It could take 48-72 hours for everything to resolve at some locations if anyone is cached for the cache to clear on their system.