HELP! Mysql 4.0 tries to start instead of 4.1 ??


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Mar 14, 2003
After upgrading mysql to 4.1.18 today it has crashed 2 times.
When I check the WHM - server status it say mysql 4.0.x is down.
When I try to restart it is missing the socket.

When I run /scripts/mysqlup --force it is ok for a while, then crash.
When I run /scripts/upcp --force - same thing as above.

I also recompiled apache and php - with success but the mysql problem
keeps coming back !!

Another thread had issues with mysql crash and that you had to be mysql user to restart mysql. That does not work here. Seems to me whm/chkservd tries to start mysql 4.0 instead 4.1 and a conflict starts...

Any ideas - help please !!