Sep 12, 2007
Hi there

I was wondering if someone can direct me to the place that help me resolve a issue i have changed my root passwrd to my server via putty this has changed the whm also when i try to log on using my username it doesnt work... but i am able to log on cpanel and whm with the root and cpanel also but then i go to mysql it says this now as i stated the log on details to cpanel are not working so i need to go change this via cpanel or the WHM can someone please show me a tutorial where i can change the log on details on cpanel itself...im not sure if i do this in WHM or cpanel itself... and passwrd recovery isnt working it says the feature is disabled ...
This feature is not available while logged in with root override. You are logged in with the root, or reseller's password. Please login with this user's account password.

thank you for any information you can give me


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Mar 3, 2006
Ok so If I read your post correctly, you just need to change your cpanel password?

In whm > account functions > password modification