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Jan 30, 2013
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Hello guys
I'm about to throw my server out of the window :( .

So I installed the centos 5 + cpanel&whm iso dowloaded from cpanel website. My server is on lan, on router I have a static IP got from my isp. I forwarded ports and all http request to my server on the local lan ( My dns got the static ip address from my isp, the website on whois is shown on my static ip from isp, created an index file for website but i still get the with "Default web .... " . Please help to fix this issue.

Thank you
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Jun 5, 2012
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Hello kukon,

The reason why you are having issues with your server is because you are running cPanel behind a NAT. NAT setups are NOT supported by cPanel. cPanel requires a publicly facing ip as stated in cPanel's system requirements.

However many users have had success with custom configurations to allow for NAT environments. I have compiled a list of helpful resources on NAT setups below.

Good Luck. I hope you're up and running soon. :)