Help : regexp email filter


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May 18, 2003

I would filter some message arrived at an address with the regexp function.

To better explain :

I have a POP3 account : "[email protected]"

On website, I write : "[email protected]"
This is a "base64_encode([email protected]) +"

When someone send an email to : "[email protected]"

I would the filter erase : ""

And base64_decode : "YWRkcmVzc0Bkb21haW4uY29t" (= [email protected])

And send the message to "[email protected]"

Have you got an idea what I must write in the fields as Regexp and Destination in cPanel Email Filters ?

Or maybe have you got an idea to make the same thing with another way ?

It is important to use Email Filters in cPanel to do this.

Thank you for your help !!!