Help solve "enterdnshere" mystey glitch


Apr 6, 2005
Having experienced several easy installs of VPS systems n the last few years, this time I have run into a nightmare lasting three days. The latest glitch is this:

When I test in, I get a frustrating result.

If I test for A record propagation, about half the locations report red Xs and half report green checks.

If I test for NS record propagation, exactly100% of the locations reporting a green check add with --


Someone (probably me, but not necessarily me) must have messed up the early part of the WHM intallation and saved a form field whose content was only the instruction to fill it. But I have re-checked every page and form that I could think of, in my system and at the name registrar, and i can't find it.

I don't know how the language got there, and I don't know how it has survived the many attempts to re-input all the right stuff in the right places.

It has shown no sign of phasing out as time goes by.

I would really appreciate your help in tracking down and squelching this glitch.


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Apr 27, 2006
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Provided the correct entries are shown in the basic cpanel/whm setup section, take a look at the relevant dns zones under DNS / Edit DNS zone, check for the nameserver names in question as seperate zones as well as under the domain in question. If in doubt you can grep through the contents of /var/named for the offending text.

What is output under "nameserver IPs" in whm?

Running the domain at might help point out the location of the error, it's certainly good for oddities such as when glue doesn't match ips reported by name servers etc


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It seems like the entries are added directly to the DNS Zone. You can check this via:

"WHM Home » DNS Functions » Edit DNS Zone"

You will need to modify any DNS zones with the invalid entries.

Thank you.