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Oct 29, 2007

I recently switched to CURRENT (RELEASE too) tree to use easyapache3 and compile apache2, thing is everytime i want to run /scripts/easyapache the program gets stalled for some reason and the only way to continue is hitting ctrl c then easyapache runs, i have tried leave running /scripts/easyapache without hitting ctrl c for a long time ,but it does not work if i dont hit ctrl c.
Now i tried recompiling apache2+php5 and my sites are not showing up on iexplorer, if i try with opera or firefox, they show up, and i also noted that everytime i try to browse over iexplorer i try executing commands on my box and i note it goes really slow, like overloaded, but it is not, load is around 0 and no high io waits.
Im using Fedora Core 5.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.