Aug 29, 2006
I am really in dire need to help.

I recently signed up with Google to have them host my eMail (Google Apps for Your Domain). After successfully setting that up, I noticed one could have their own Google Talk server set up as well. This would require an adjustment of a SRV record.

Of course, being the stubborn one I can be, I accidentally deleted my domain from the DNS Zone. Now I cannot retrieve/send eMail, let alone go to my own site. I tried deleting my account and making a new one, but an error stating the same username and domain are in use. I really want to cry.

Is there any way I can get this mess restored from cPanel or WHM? Amazingly I can log into my FTP, even though it's via the IP, just my domain seems to be lost or invisible in cyberspace.

I have a crucial eMail I need to get to ASAP.. I just don't know what to do @ this point..

Please help! :( :eek:


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Mar 3, 2006
See if your domain still has a dns record. If so, then delete it and you should beable to create your account again.