Help to set up multiple mail accounts


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Oct 25, 2007
Hello everybody,

I want to known if is possible to configure multiple mail accounts from different domains (all from the same server) using to set up Outlook, where we add "server incoming" and "outgoing server" a domain name server instead of putting the domain name that we are setting.

For example to set accounts, and use always "" for all the accounts for all the d server sites.

This is because a customer in a previous server with cpanel configured all emails accounts whit "" (it is an example) and now it does not work that way ( works in the traditional way, by putting "" <by replacing with real domain name)

So the idea is to be able to use the old setup and no need to be changing the configuration of Outlook for all sites that are much more than 100 :S

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and sorry for my bad English, but i speak spanish.

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