Help turning Boxtrapper off in Stable


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Jan 9, 2002

I usually run the "Stable" release of Cpanel. We had an AWStats issue. Then, I was told that the "Current" release would resolve the issue. After changing my update preferences to "Current", I updated Cpanel. It broke MySQL. The datacenter had to reinstall MySQL, as they could not fix it, either. So, they set me back on "Stable".

Now, I have never been involved with Boxtrapper, but it seems that moving to the "Current" release installed it, and I can not get rid of it, as I do not have a "Features" section in WHM (remember that I am in "Stable" again). It is rejecting all email sent by the domains on the server. I can't stop it now.

Can anyone help?


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Feb 12, 2004
Houston, Texas USA
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This will sound completely counter-intuitive, but if you install cPanel Pro and uninstall it, it should clean out all the BoxTrapper files and rebuild exim.conf to a good version. If that doesn't help, then let me know.