Help - Unparked domain, now email is broken


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Mar 26, 2002
I parked a domain,, on top of Later customer wants it unparked and made into a normal account, so I manually &unpark& But now when the customer creates email accounts for no one can log in either through cppop or webmail with those accounts.

The problem seems to be that cppop still thinks it's a parked domain so it's looking in the /home/jones directory for mail when it should now be looking in /home/smith where the account was properly created. Webmail seems to have the same problem but I can't find logs or conf files for that. /etc/valiases files both domains look normal. I deleted the entire account and re-entered it. Same problem.

Here's the error from maillog when trying to log in with a test account [email protected]:
Apr 7 18:40:27 servername cpanelpop[29270]: User not found user=testme homedir=/home/jones

(BTW, I unparked the domain by removing the serveralias directive in httpd.conf and edited the entry in /etc/trueuserdomains.)

There must be an easy fix for this. But what is it??