HELP! using a subdomain of an add-on domain for a forum


Oct 29, 2003

i looked through a whole bunch of posts trying to find an answer to this but was unsuccessful. it seems that no one has asked this question specifically before.

i'm trying to set up a forum for one of my add-on domain sites and i'm having trouble with the address bar. the reason the problem started is because i am only able to install the forum into a root directory (in this case rather than being able to install it into my add-on domain directory ( which is the same as is my main account and is the addon domain. i would like to have the forum accesible at i have set up that subdomain and told it to redirect to:

the problem is that i don't want that actual URL to show up in the address bar. i would like it to still say when people are on the forums. basically i'd just like to add as an add-on domain that points to the directory, but i don't know if that will even work or if it will just cause problems. is it possible to use a subdomain as an add-on domain?

is there any way to do this? can anyone help me out?

if you've made it this far, i really appreciate you taking the time to read this message.

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Sep 16, 2003
Dear sublogJ,

If you use subdomain to redirect to, then automatically the URL will change to Also it is not possible to have the addon domain which is already a subdomain. Try deleting the subdomain and create as an addon domain pointing to directory.