Help: Weird DNS subdomain problem


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Apr 7, 2002
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I have a client whos domain has been onone of our servers for a couple of years, with everythign running smooth

he has several subdomains setup and they have all worked fine until just a few days ago when 2 of them suddenly stopped resolving

Ive checked apache's configure, ive checked the named file but still no joy...

DNS reports a nameserver failure for the 2 subdomains that dont work unyet all the others are fine.... they are all setup exactly the same, ive restarted bind to make sure theres no problem there but still no joy...

The only thing that i have noticed thats unusual is that the nameservers are reporting in DNSReport as having No Glue

anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be???


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Oct 8, 2004
DNS solution

please follow following stpes for try to solve the problem.

Please verify which name server you are using it is enabled in server setup section.
please verify that name server have A point record.
Syncronise all domais or perticuler domain which will refresh dns entries.
if you will get same error just update serial under the zone file and run following command
rndc reload
i hope all above stpes solve your error.

thank you...