Mar 12, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

I own a dedicated server which was working fine up until last night... I added a new IP address which didn't actually exist via WHM just so I could add a new account because I was waiting for some my additional IP's that I purchased to be added to my account (santrex) so I thought, while I was waiting I could add the account and just add the correct IP's once I received them then just remove the fake one... Anyways, I began recieving LOADS of error emails saying how the DNS wasn't resolving because of the domain which I assumed had something to do with the IP error so I attempted to suspend the new account until I had the correct IP's but the suspend page wasn't loading after I hit suspend account so instead I decided to terminate the account and wait... This too didn't work however when I went to look into removing this new IP I couldn't find the option so I decided to restart the server... I did a graceful restart however 15mins later, I still couldn't access my site. I tried accessing the server via SSH and to my surprise it worked. I then googled the issue and after about 20mins of research I found out how to restart httpd. This didn't work at first and I got many errors. I ended up editing the resolv.conf and then starting httpd and that finally started it although it did give me some port conflicting errors and a few others... From that point on my websites were correctly functioning however I couldn't access WHM or CPANEL on any of my sites or the server ip itself.

I tried reading the logs file but it was way too long so I emptied it and restarted the server (via ssh, this time the server correctly restarted and httpd started automatically but still no cpanel/whm.) I now have transferred my log file to my site so it's viewable. If you would like to read the logs their located here

Please help/suggest possible resolutions as soon as you can think of them as this is an important issue for me.