Apr 29, 2008

I know yet another newbie... still we all started at one point... My question is that I have a server and sell master and resellers. I created a Master Account a few days ago for a company and they have been creating a few accounts etc. Then on Sunday a new account was created by root. And having watched this account its now got Master Reseller rites and I didnt allow it. Its just appeared, from where I dont know, but and here's the weird part it has some of the same domain named accounts under it as the earlier created account.

I have done a whois and its the same guy who owns it, he is going mad by creatig at least 50 Resellers so far and refuses to answer my e-mails of how he came about the account.

So I suppose what I need is there anyway of finding out who created that account, IP address or anything from a log maybe on the server. have tried the documentation but am getting nowhere......

Is there anyone who can help get to the bottem of this matter