Help with adding maximum CPU limit for any PID or user


Jan 28, 2013
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Hello I am quite new to Cpanel/WHM I have a VPS with 4 CPU's, running a number of accounts/websites everything is fine but it seems that about once a week a job from a website spikes and takes my CPU requirements up to 35 CPU's and crashed the whole server.

I have been looking at RPM's such as cpu limit and PRM to help limit either the maximum CPU limit for any PID or user by %. Say 25% of total CPU's. I do not want to kill the PID just limit its usage so other services are not effected. But because of my inexperience I just cant quite get to grasp with these if they are what I should be looking at, I am open to suggestions.

In a perfect world yes the server resources would be increased but due to economics this cannot be done.

Please help.


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Jun 5, 2012
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The backup process can be very intensive as it has to process each user's account. This backup process is a job that can be configured to run weekly (as well as daily). You may want to check WHM »Backup »Configure Backup to see if the backup job coincides with your crashes. Backups by default run 1am server time on the days of the week you select.

Do your crashes coincide with the backup process?

Additionally you may want to open a support ticket using the link below.