Oct 1, 2014
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hello all,

I know this was a very stupid move and trust me i am not proud of this situation but i have an issue with a WHM server i have root access to. Earlier today i wanted to modify the owner/group of files in an account X.

So i launched puTTy and logged in using root successfully, after which i used cd to navigate to account X via home/X/public_html. and ran the command chown -R x:x /

Now most of you have figured out where i went wrong but in my case i ran the command and realised too late that i had infact changed the owner/group on all folders recursively in the root of the server and any help to rollback in my case is it what i am looking help with.

I have successfully fixed php and mysql issues and restored the websites of my accounts to work, however there are various lingering issues as well like i no longer see an accounts sql account via cpanel and using whm->phpmyadmin to access those database gives me a token mismatch error for everything.

Is there anything i can do to reset the owner/group, permissions, to default so as to the point i never ran that command? Any help at all in this matter would be highly appreciated.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

While you may find some manual commands that you can run to help resolve the issue, it's really a better idea to reinstall the OS and complete a new installation of cPanel. Then, restore the accounts on the new server from backup, or by using the transfer option in Web Host Manager.

Thank you.