help with file permissions please 0777 & 0755


Feb 27, 2012
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Root Administrator
Hi there,

I have been a hosting provider for a couple of years now, but this month decided to start buying my own vps's etc.

I have CentOs6 x64 with whm / cpanel as my main web server and I am faceing a problem with file permissions. On all other hosting I have ever had the most a file would need to be set to is 0755 but now this vps mainly wants files to be 0777.

A client installed IPB 3.2.3 and any file or directory that the forum needed write access too had to be changed to 0777.

Now i feel unconfortable about the security issues it raises.

So my question is simple I hope. Is there a setting somewhere to give the ssytem enough permissions when using 0755 rather? And is this a OS issue or is it a setting that is related to whm/cpanel?

I really want to change this to only need 0755 and on the very rare occassion 0777

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance