Dec 24, 2021
Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Hi Everyone,

I have been doing basic server management and I'm looking to increase my knowledge to help with problems that may arise. I know there's plenty of threads on the forum however I'm more of a visual learner. I have looked on youtube and have failed to find tutorials that explain the following and what it does when you increase it:

Apache Tuning
Increasing MySQL Performance
PHP Performance Tuning

I know the basics of each but I'd like to learn & understand how to optimise these for performance for high-traffic sites. Does anyone know any free/paid courses or have access to videos for optimising these? Any help is appreciated

Many Thanks
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I agree these are good things to know, but they can often be tricky in the real world. Something that worked well to stabilize Busy Server A, but not work well on Busy Server B, even though they seem to be similar in many ways.

Since this is more of a system administration task than something related to the cPanel software, I don't have any ready-made tools on my end that I can provide. We do have some basic guides here:

but even that may not have quite the detail or examples you're looking for.

Maybe another user will come in and share their experiences here to get you pointed in the right direction.