help with memory uses , server load problem


Aug 28, 2012
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My site and all the site those are hosted on the sever on which i am, goes down more then 10 time a day.On that time when i saw server status then i found -

Memory Used - 90.4%
server load - 7.59 (1 cpu)
And some times - httpd (2.2.21 (Unix)) Failed

I checked my site script but found nothing that can cause the problem ,and off course it was working fine 5 days ago.But from last 5 days me and all site owners are facing the same problem.Then i asked my hosting administrator who is my friend to solve this problem, but he is also not able to find the actual problem because he is new to use hosting panel and server.He only told me that he was trying to convert it to cloud.

Can any body tell me what can we do or what to check ?

Thank you
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May 24, 2006
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If the accounts and server were all running fine without load issues like that until your friend started trying to "convert it to cloud" than you have a crucial clue - something he's doing in the migration (possibly something incorrect) is causing it.

But if those load spikes were occurring before your friend tried to migrate / convert anything, then there are quite a few possibilities. To start with - how much RAM is installed and is it an older server? If your server doesn't have enough RAM and is running old hardware architecture, but you're hosting modern sites with a lot of PHP scripts running, then it's not unusual to see it start thrashing and using Swap and then you also start to see high I/O Wait. Low ram and high i/o activity pushing it into swap/wait will produce those symptoms. That's a fixable scenario - migrate to a more powerful server. The other (worse) scenario would be a drive or controller going bad.

If you have suPHP running you could watch top for the exact accounts / processes using the most resources in real-time, and you should also definitely take a look in WHM to see if certain accounts are running heavy mySQL usage.