Jan 21, 2007
I asked my host to upgrade my VPS about 48 hours ago and just checked back to find hes completely wiped out my php function, and doesn't know how to fix it , nor is he bothered to try too.

Thus am a bit upset and feel ripped off, as i only paid 3-4 days ago to trial VPS.

I dont know the exact functions of what he tried but it left the php completely annihalated.
You can check this for yourself here. and click the buttons.

It should load my shoutcast panel, however it loads a save fucntion of index.php

And another a client's forum will nolonger load.

I have tried upgrading apache from my WHM panel and still doesnt seem to fix anything. Im not fully educated with the functionality of SSH or Telnet, however have started using putty.

Any help would be appreciated, ASAP.