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Nov 10, 2006
Hello all,

I jsut got my Cpanel server yesterday and I have a little road bump trying to get these SSL sites working.

Can someone tell me if i'm doing something wrong...

1. I first make sure the setup dedicated IP for the site.

2. Login to sites CPanel. I goto SSL manager and create a private key

3. Goto Certificate Signing CSR and generate a certificate signing CSR. I take code it has generated and I use that when I buy my certificate at GeoTrust.

4. After getting my Geotrust CSR, I went back in and clicked Certfiicates (CSR). And pasted the Geotrust Cert in there and clicked upload. it says done.

When I goto my SSL Site. it doens't show anything. It just says in my IE7 browser "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

What am I doing wrong?? I read the Cpanel SSL Doc and followed it as instructed ..

I'm not sure but when I goto It fowards to the secured site but it seems to be using the CPanel/WHM cert.

Someone Please Help me.