Aug 24, 2006
i am a very new user of cpanel. been told my files should be in index-php in the public-html folder. First, can't locate them. What am i supposed to be seeing. do i see my text there or just scripts. second, want to add cgi features,(c ounter and clock) but from what i gather, i need to insert the script on the page i want to add it to. frustrating!!!below is what i see in public-html. they are not in the index-html either

/ public_html / (Current Folder)
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.smileys 755
admin 755
cgi-bin 755
docs 755
editor 755
images 755
inc 755
modules 755
old_beta 755
templates 755
texts 755
uploads 755
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.htaccess 0 k 0644
error_log 1 k 0644
index.php 4 k 0644
style.css 5 k 0644