Hetzner.de dedicated servers - anyone using them for cPanel?


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Jan 22, 2005
I'm considering moving my cPanel services on to Hetzner EQ 4 dedicated servers.

These servers seem outstanding for the price (49 EUR per month, quadcore i7, 8GB RAM, 750GB disk, non-limited data transfer).

My concerns at this price regard service quality and support quality.

I'd like to find out if anyone else is using Hetzner for dedicated servers and what peoples' experiences may be.

Any Hetzner customers? What are your experiences?


Aug 2, 2010
Germany, Niedersachsen

Hello webignition,

The Servers are great, but you have only 5TB Traffic with 100 Mbit/s,
after 5TB your server will be throttled to 10 Mbit/s!

The setup for these Servers are 149,00 €

You cant use .de Domains with the intigrated Cpanel Dns Service because you become only 4 ip`s in the same subnet. (Denic dont allow that, you must have two Ip's in different subnet for the nameservers)

When you need more than 4 ip's, you must order the Flexi Pack with a monthly fee of 15€

and one time fee for the setup:

/29 (6 verwendbare IPs) - Setup 15 Euro
/28 (14 verwendbare IPs) - Setup 25 Euro
/27 (30 verwendbare IPs) - Setup 40 Euro
/26 (62 verwendbare IPs) - Setup 70 Euro
/25 (126 verwendbare IPs) - Setup 100 Euro
/24 (254 verwendbare IPs) - Setup 150 Euro

Best Regards