Feb 27, 2004
This is the first server I have actually ever tried to run myself and im a little lost with this set up stuff. Here are the questions I have.
First I don't understand how to get the name server set up to update my domain with. Do I go to "edit server"" Primary Nameserver" and just put like and that's it or is
There more to it? Second question is how do i set up ftp access for the main server? is there a brake down page that explains the edit setup page better?


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Feb 1, 2004
Mexico City
Hi Chrisa!

check this one:

Newbie guide:

and this is for NameServers:

For creating you own nameservers you must have at least two IPs.

In the Edit Set Up in WHM in the option:
Primary Nameserver: you have to enter the hostname:
clcik the "Assign a IP address" button and will assigin it automatically after this click the "Add a A entry for this anme server" button, and will do it automaticaly.
Do the same with the Secundary Nameserver, asd just enter:
After this..
Save it!

Go to "Manage Nameserver IPs"
and there wil be the nameservers and the IPs, then you have to do next....

You have to go with yor registar and create the nameservers in the domain pointing to the IPs (the same as :"Manage Nameserver IPs" ) -> xxx.xx.xx.128 -> xxx.xx.xx.129

And later you must change the Server Name (FQDS) of your domain to the nameservers you have created.

OK, you have your domain ready and all you new costumers must point their domains to your nameservers to work.

Read the thread in the second link, there is a more detailed explanation about creating nameservers.

Second question is how do i set up ftp access for the main server?
If you want to have a site for your main domain, you have to create a new account for this domain in whm.

For FTP to the main server you have to access in SFTP as root with you main IP.
or access in SSH as root too, is better.

;) Hope you'll do it right