Hide shared IP in cPanel Account?


Dec 17, 2018
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hello? I see when it can be flawed, create a promotional package and several abusers come across the price offer for attempts to take the server down.

so I saw the need to via whm, hide the ip in the shared cpanel when we use cloudflare, also the user create, edit and remove seeing that there is no use customizing the package for it, phpmyadm escode, hide ftp accesses among others. and limit all tools since the main one it owns, user manager and by these send spam.

A great idea would be via whm, have option to hide the shared ip from cpanel, and hide user tools.

Looking at this cPanel account with protection measures that do not allow the client to manage:
1. Disable SPF
2. Disable DKIN
3. Change Remote Location

These disabling, starts scoring spam problems, our measure is to deliver without any change option and already set by default! avoid spam

Already in Preferences:
User Manager, can not remove, and this is failure, because if an entire package is presonalized to not allow any access, the user connecting for example:
whmcs + cpanel automatically, would not have access to ftp passwords, cpanel passwords, routing editing or server-defined, which can deliver only what is needed for a proper functioning of emails.

The tip is to move the tool: User Manager, permission level stops such as: show: YES or NO and hide the shared ip.